Wireless temperature sensors - Prototypes

Now I have a few prototypes ready and working. It took me a while. I ran into a problem when connecting a USB Moteino to my server. It works OK in Windows, but I needed it connected to the Linux running in VirtualBox. The problem is that the Moteino USB did not reveal itself as a /dev/ttyUSB0. It turned up as a /dev/ttyS0.

Wireless temperature sensors

This information is obsolete - New information under Multi purpose Moteino sensor

As I have several projects down the line I had to start somewhere. In this project I will build a wireless temperature sensor system. The main goal of the project is to be able to see the temperatures in several rooms at home when I'm away. I will also have a temperature node outside.

To manage this I will use Moteinos. I spent some time trying to find the best hardware for this. Before I decided I looked at XBee, JeeNode, PanStamp among others. They all have their uses, but I felt that Moteino would do the job best for this specific project. For later projects I just might try out the PanStamp as well.

Starting up

Getting older?

This is my first blog entry. I want to share with you how it felt to start up with electronics again after 25 years. First of all, I didn't remember it took such a long time to connect wires and components on a breadboard. I guess you only remember the good stuff after so many years? 


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