Moteino battery drain

I have recently seen that some standard alkaline AA batteries drain pretty quickly compared to others. Some of my Moteinos manage to run for 100+ days with two standard AA batteries, but lately I have replaced batteries on the outside sensor after 3-7 days!

Moteino freezer monitor

I bought four ER14505 LS14500 AA 3.6V 2400mAh lithium batteries and battery holders for PCB and thought I should use the rest of my Moteinos. I had three of them laying around that I don't use.

For this project I use the same code as my other sensors around the house, so the only job was to get it on a vero board, solder and box it. Since the LS14500 battery works down to -40 degrees Celsius, it will do just fine in the deep freezer.

Moteino battery life

Today I changed batteries on one of my Multi purpose Moteino sensors. I was surprised to see that the batteries had lasted for nearly 7 months (207 days). 17897040 seconds to be exact. The sensor was located in the bathroom, the warmest room in the house with about 25-26° C. I guess the high temperature had something to say when it came to the batteries capacity.

To compare, the sensor outside lasted 71 days, in shifting weather. Including below 0° C.

Domotiga on Raspberry Pi 2

I have been running Domotiga on the new Raspberry Pi 2 for a few weeks now after the initial months using the "old" Raspberry Pi. And I have to say the performance is very noticeable. I'm controlling Domotiga with the desktop client using VNC. I also control Domotiga with the web interface, but I find it faster to use VNC. Compared to the "old" Raspberry Pi, the response is almost instant, and the CPU usage is never over 25% compared to the the "old" one that used 100% every time Domotiga had work to do. That's the beauty of quad core CPU.

Tellstick Duo out - RFXtrx433E in

Tellstick DuoAfter nearly a year running my home automation with Tellstick Duo I decided to upgrade to RFXCOM. I say upgrade because Tellstick has too few options apart from it's own simple interface where you can switch on/off and dim devices. I used Switch King and EventGhost (Windows), one of the few good programs that works with Tellstick. If you own a Tellstick and don't want to ditch it, I highly recommend the software mentioned.

Wireless Environmental Sensor

After about 100 days using the Moteino to log temperatures and humidity I have started a new project. Actually the batteries are still going after 100 days (Well, almost). The new project will again use Moteinos, but this time I will upgrade the whole thing. In addition to temperature and humidity logging, I will add a display and a barometric pressure sensor. I will write the code so it's easy to add other sensors, like rain, flood, plant humidity, light conditions etc.

Radio interference

Last night my wireless temperature sensors suddenly stopped working. Since all of them stopped at the same time, I thought it was the receiver connected to my server. Then I discovered that the Nexa remote switches didn't work either... They run on the same frequency as my temperature sensors. They worked if I held the remote very close to the receivers. That can only mean there is severe RF noise on 433MHz.


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