Wireless Environmental Sensor

After about 100 days using the Moteino to log temperatures and humidity I have started a new project. Actually the batteries are still going after 100 days (Well, almost). The new project will again use Moteinos, but this time I will upgrade the whole thing. In addition to temperature and humidity logging, I will add a display and a barometric pressure sensor. I will write the code so it's easy to add other sensors, like rain, flood, plant humidity, light conditions etc.

Easy code equals easy assembly. I can then create a flood warning device without a display, using the same code as the devices with a display. On the display I want to show the current temperature, humidity and air pressure. Along with this, I want to show the battery voltage.

Battery life is essential. I want the sensors to run for months without changing the batteries. The display uses about 0.5mA when "dead". "Dead" means when it shows static content without light.

You can read more about my project here