Upgrading to Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

After a about 6 weeks running DomotiGa on a Raspberry Pi Model B rev 2 (512MB) as my home automation server, it's time to upgrade to the new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. Not that the old Pi didn't do the job just fine, but it's a bit slow when using it as a web server in conjunction with DomotiGa. 

Another reason for upgrading is that I want to reinstall DomotiGa again from scratch. I have som problems with notifications on my current system. There is also some database issues where DomotiGa prints blank IDs in the log and some update errors, also listed in the log.

Blank IDs

Sometimes when scripts are executed from an event, the log says: [Client] Successfully executed action with id ''. I don't think '' is a valid ID, so something is wrong here. This happens mostly when I run actions manually. When actions run automatically, as a result of an event, it prints nothing in the log. That too I find strange, since I have told DomotiGa to log when actions are executed.

Notification problems

The problem is as follows. I have configured an event that is supposed to send me a push notification to my mobile using the Pushbullet API. This was done using a PHP script. At first it seemed to work fine, but after a while notifications was not sent. It took a lot of frustration and testing before I figured out that Gambas is not so good at running scripts. So the I converted the PHP script to a Bash script. But even this fails now and then, but not totally, as when using PHP.

Database errors

I get frequent errors in the log, reading something like this: [Device] ERROR: 'Query failed: Lost connection to MySQL server during query' at 'Devices.ValueUpdate.900'. It's not that important to me, as everything seems to work even with these errors. But they are errors, after all.

I'll be back with more when the installation and setup of the new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is done.

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